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Life's too short for single gins

Bournemouth Gin Festival 2018

Strawberry gin in a balloon glass

As someone that has a large selection of gins in the house I was excited to learn that the was returning to Bournemouth for the 3rd year. Gin tours around England, Scotland and Wales is due to be in Bristol for the next bank holiday. Events locations can be found on the website.

I was invited to the event as a blogger and having never been to one of their events before I was keen to see how it worked. My husband and I went together as I’m not one for drinking alone even if it is gin!

On arrival we were given a pouch containing a booklet with all the gins listed and where we could find them. There really was a fantastic selection of gins (100+), some from the UK, some international and even a range that are only available at the festival. Each entrant is also given their own gin glass to use throughout the evening and take home when they leave. A great idea for both brand advertising and saving on washing up!

Pouring a gin and tonic

The idea is to pay for tokens for your gin on entry to the venue so that once you start drinking no cash needs to change hands, this really speeds up the serving process. Bars were stationed around the outside of the hall and a taster section positioned in the centre.

I was pleased to see Conker Spirit based in the centre for sampling it is one of our local gins and one that I am very familiar with, however, I couldn't pass up the chance for a freebie taste. If you want to learn a little more about @conkerspirit I have previously written a blog about it.

Schweppes selection

Schweppes tonic has been in British households for over 230 year and was the tonic sponsor at the Gin Festival they have recently launched a new range of unique flavours that compliment any gin. The staff at the Schweppes stand were really helpful and guided us when selecting a mixer, this handy infographic was given to us to take home.

Tonic colour wheel

A small selection of food is available at the festival if you would like to eat, we didn't, but either way there was plenty of places to sit and chat and maybe decide on your next drink.

The day we visited was quite sunny so we took our gins onto the balcony and watched the sun turn the sky pink and disappear.

In addition to drinking gins, you could attend a masterclass by brand ambassadors or buy your favourite gin inspired products from the shop and of course buy a bottle of your favourite gin to take home.

Tickets for a festival near you can be puchased online at

you can also see any special offers and can even purchase a Gin Festival in a box.

Thanks for the invite Ginfestival we will be back next year.

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