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Twelve Eatery written in the stars.

There is no better place to try plant based food than Twelve Eatery on the Triangle in Bournemouth, currently rated 5th best plant based restaurant in the world.

I visited again last night when it just happened to be #WorldVeganDay but several weeks ago I met up with one of the owners, Dalton, to find out just how his business began. Was it written in the stars?

After working with some of the biggest steak houses in London, Dalton and his partner Greg decided they needed a break from meat and after 30 days without it, they noticed the positive effects on their mind and bodies - this was the trigger to do something about the lack of fine dining, plant based restaurants in the U.K.

Between them they had a clear vision of the restaurant they wanted to create, it included fine details of the design, a location (to be near the sea), and the name 'Twelve' was already a firm favourite.

So it was more than an uncanny coincidence when Number 12 The Triangle, Bournemouth, a former chicken shop became available - 12 months of demolition and rebuilding and on 12th December (twelfth month) 2018 - hello, Twelve Eatery.

It's a fine dining, plant based restaurant, creating food and drink based on food and nutrition. The restaurant is popular with guests travelling from all over the country with 55% coming from outside of Doset including; London, Reading, Bristol, Kent, so if you want to try it, (and, I recommend you do), be sure to book in advance.

With little over a year of normal trading behind them, Covid hit - as with many restaurants the business needed to pivot to survive. They took the opportunity to offer takeaways & food boxes delivered to your door - pre prepared recipes that included everything you need to have a delicious night at home.

Valentine's Night gave record sales, because they had thought of everything the kits included; 3 courses/playlist/roses/wine/napkins/candles and even fresh coffee & granola for breakfast the next morning.

Photos of home dining with Twelve take away boxes were a hit on social media,

deliveries were being sent as far afield as Cornwall and Cambridge. Surely this proves without a doubt the desire for quality plant based food in the UK?

After lockdown the restaurant stopped offering takeaway but there are plans to resume with a "Shebang"! Dalton's word not mine. Watch this space for twelve brand new products coming soon, additional plans could also include a cocktail bar/patisserie but until then the restaurant is fully back to its normal opening hours and focusing on becoming a zero waste restaurant.

Back to our visit, 7.30pm Monday night and the restaurant was full, (apparently the norm) several groups celebrating birthdays, so great to see everyone out again. We had a table close to the bar, I later picked the bartender's brain about the dehydrated fruit. That is a whole different blog post.

I confess this first photo was taken on my last visit as the light wasn't so good yesterday, there are screens separating the tables at the moment to help you feel secure but otherwise it is just the same and gives a better idea of the vibe.

I love the decor- simple lines and calming colours, our table was right next to the bar which brings me to the organic cocktails, they are delicious and very different to anything you will experience in a regular cocktail bar, I had more than one, also make sure you try some of the vegan drinks made by Three Spirit Drinks

This picture makes me smile not only because it has my delicious cocktail in it but because the bird pictures dotted around the restaurant were chosen in homage to the former chicken shop.

This beetroot starter is my favourite, showcasing seasonal veg and all those beautiful colours.

Salmon but not salmon starter - confusion in itself but an utter delight to the tastebuds. Something I still find difficult to understand is the naming of some of the dishes, if I'm in a plant based restaurant I know its not salmon or burger, or steak so why call it that? If you are a vegan would you be put off by something being called salmon/steak? Interested in your thoughts.

Don't be afraid to ask about the ingredients in the dishes all of the staff are well versed and happy to explain the process behind creating the dish, for me this is really important when trying new flavours.

Satay Tampeh Noodles

Delicious noodle dish for my main - give me anything with a satay sauce and its bound to be a hit with me - I think I was weaned on peanut butter! It's a generous size portion and one I struggled to finish. If it wasn't for the fact my dessert compartment is completely separate I wouldn't of had room for this big slab of vegan cheesecake.

I'd highly recommend booking well in advance, and even more so as the restaurant are expecting some lovely national press and magazine coverage in the next few days.

Twelve Eatery

12 The Triangle



01202 310166

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