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Trinity - A new gin to the Pothecary bow

As a food blogger and someone that loves a gin I really can't believe that it has taken me so long to visit Martin Jennings at Pothecary Gin HQ.

Pothecary Gin - Original

Pothecary Gin originally the brainchild of Lukasz Dwornik and Martin Jennings is produced literally five minutes walk from my house, initially I was surprised by the setup, expecting something bigger for this well known local product. It truly is a small batch artisan gin.

Botanicals are each distilled by hand in a traditional copper pot, then carefully blended to create each distinct flavour, every bottle is individually labelled, filled, corked, and sealed by hand.

Pothecary Gin - Copper stills

The first gin launched by the pair in 2016 won Double Gold - 'Best Contemporary Gin' in the World Gin Awards, almost before it was available in the shops. A sure sign that they had hit on something original and worth pursuing. Thinking back I first tried this herbal and very floral gin at the Christchurch Food Festival two years ago it is now found in most bars locally and some pretty prestigious hotels and bars across the UK, Singapore and Switzerland.

Pothecary Gin at Christchurch Food Festival

Incidentally, I will be taking over the social media for Christchurch Food Festival again this year, so keep you eyes peeled for lots of additional foodie content on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May, 2019.

Original, Thai and Sicilian - Pothecary Gins

The Pothecary gin offering has changed since the early days with the addition of limited editions such as Sicilian Blend ,Thai Blend and the latest stripped back version 'Trinity'. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to sample Trinity and I must admit it is my favourite of the Pothecary collection, I even packed it in my suitcase when we went recently went on holiday to Devon. Is that normal?

Martin describes it as a 'classic' style of gin with just three botanicals, I would agree, it really doesn't need anything else. If you fancy giving it a try, and I recommend you do, look online at Gin Kiosk

Solent Cellar or in one of my favourite places in Christchurch, The Christchurch Confectioners in the High Street. This charming little shop has a huge selection of gins and the most amazing chocolate collection, you won't walk out empty handed.

Pothecary Gin - Trinity

Please Martin, as a plea from a local fan make this a regular - not a limited edition!

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