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Sky high for Mother's Day

Brighton i360 Official certainly offers something different if you are looking for a Mother's Day treat.

Sip on a glass of NYE Timber the world renowned English sparkling wine, whilst you take the 450m journey to see the view. Follow that with a limited edition Mother's Day Afternoon Tea in West Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Click here to find out more and make your booking.

My best friend and I had a fantastic day in Brighton a last weekend, we wandered around the lanes, checked out some recommended coffee shops and The Royal Pavillion and then headed back to to seafront to the Brightoni360

We had arranged to take the Brightoni360 (gifted) at 2.30pm - the entry process is similar to boarding an aeroplane, bags are checked and you walk through a scanner. Take this opportunity to have your photo taken by the official photographer but be warned if you get in the giant deckchair there is no glamorous way of getting out!

Once back on the ground we enjoyed afternoon tea at West Beach Bar & Kitchen, it's casual dining right on the beachfront, dog friendly and clearly popular with regulars enjoying cocktails from the bar to compliment their afternoon tea. We asked for a window seat and enjoyed people watching on the bustling prom, the service was good as was the food and they kindly allowed us to take home the pastries we couldn't manage.

We stayed a little longer than we had planned to try and catch a sunset but the British weather wasn't playing ball. However, if you do make a booking, stay around and keep your eyes peeled around the old burnt out pier to see the wonderful murmuration displays, I so wish I had taken my camera.

I would love to have the opportunity to spend more time in Brighton there was so much we didn't have time to see, I'll be checking out hotels for my next visit.

Gifted Experience in exchange for a review.

Click here to find out more and make your booking.

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