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Pop into 2019

Popcorn Shed is a family owned company started by two cousins, Sam and Laura, literally starting their gourmet popcorn business in a garden shed, who doesn't love an interesting story behind a brand name? Just before Christmas they sent me a selection of their popcorn to try. I love the way the packaging is shaped like a shed too, points for their marketing team. My thanks also to my friend Emma who took the box photo below, you can read her thoughts on the product on www.evenangelsfall.com.

Popcorn Shed- Shed packaging

I was really pleased to see that the company prides itself in using all natural ingredients, they are also suitable for vegetarians and gluten free so it is a snack worth considering, don't save your popcorn purchases for the odd visit to the cinema.

Popcorn Shed flavour selection

My package arrived on Christmas Eve, so as our household was going to be quite hectic I decided to leave the popcorn until the new year when I could give it my full attention.

The popcorn comes in seven different flavours consisting of Pecan Pie, Say Cheese, Berry Delicious, Salted Caramel, Butterley Nuts, Pop'n'choc and Sweet Cheesus. I’ll be honest I've only really previously tried the usual salted and a caramel variety so I was keen to try the more unusual flavours. The addition of the fruit, nuts and fruit give this popcorn a unique texture that I really enjoyed.

Interestingly as it’s a month when everyone is counting their calories after the big Christmas feast a packet weighing 24 g comes in at less than 120 calories for six of the flavours, and less than 130 for the Butterley Nuts packet. It is also a really good source of fibre.

My particular favourite was the Pop'n'Choc as if I hadn't had enough chocolate during Christmas!!

As I try to get myself back into a working routine, I settled down with a packet to munch on, they are lightly coated in decadent Belgian Milk Chocolate just enough to give that sweet kick.

Pop'n'Choc by Popcorn Shed

The other flavours are very inventive, who would of thought of putting cheese and caramel together?? Well Popcorn Shed did! They describe the combination on the packet like this.

OMG you can't be serious! Cheese and caramel?! Sweet Cheesus how can this popcorn taste this good! The salty and sweet combination in this marriage joined together in holy popcorn matrimony will make you salivate with joy. Hallelujah!

Each of the flavours is packaged in a different colour and described in a very unique way, making me smile each time I opened a pack.

As expected, I preferred the sweeter versions of the popcorn but great to see that they have thought outside the shed, life would be so boring if we all liked the same things.

If you fancy giving this tasty snack a try, a growing list of stockists can be found on their website www.popcornshed.com or order some via their online shop to be delivered to your door.

I was gifted items from Popcorn Shed however all opinions are my own.

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