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Guildhall Tavern and the Distinguished Gentleman

Sunday lunch is my favourite, especially when someone else is cooking it for me.

Last Sunday after watching the spectacular Distinguished Gentleman's Ride we headed to The Guildhall Tavern, Poole. It’s a restaurant that has been on my foodie hit list since I heard Reg Pielesz and his team had taken it over back in February.

The restaurant has a nautical design with decor being mainly blue that dramatically contrasts with the white walls, take a minute to look at the fabulous bits of art and maritime decoration.

The new owners of the seafood restaurant are quickly establishing a reputation for creating fantastic dishes with locally sourced produce from the land and sea.

We can certainly recommend the indulgent oysters and the starter of scallops with squid ink crisps and watermelon, an unusual combination but one that really worked.

We also enjoyed the mixed fish terrine, in particular the fun addition of shrimp popcorn it added an extra texture to the smooth terrine.

Our mains consisted of two beef roasts and a rack of lamb, my mother in law commented several times on the tenderness of the beef and my lamb was incredible. I so wanted to pick up those bones so as not to waste a single bit.

Too full to order a dessert each, we shared the passion fruit tart with honey mascarpone & I just asked for extra spoons. It arrived beautifully plated with macarons & locally produced strawberries I can assure you it didn’t stay on the plate long. One I would definitely order again.

Big plans are afoot for The Guildhall Tavern that include expanding the kitchen and a cocktail bar on the upper floor. I'm definitely heading back for that the cherry cocktail I had was delicious.

Special thanks to Chef Ian Gibbs for talking us through the menu and creating such fantastic food and also the front of house team who were so friendly, knowledgeable and engaging.

Too many excuses not to return again very soon.

This review was written for Total Guide to Poole head over to their website to find out what else is happening in Poole this summer season.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride takes place every year on the 22nd May. The Ride raises money for mens mental health and prostrate cancer and takes places in over 800 cities across the world. The Poole ride with over 650 riders was the largest in the UK.

Click the link to find out more about this years ride.

Thanks to Paul Collins PC Visuals for the stunning ride photos.

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