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Fierce Grace workshop and The Sukha Lounge marriage

Yoga is something I have loved since my children were quite small but since moving to the Christchurch my practice has become almost non existent. So when local PR company Route PR asked me if I would be interested in trying a Fierce Grace class at The Yoga Lounge in Boscombe, Bournemouth I jumped at the chance.

Reality slowly dawned that Fierce Grace was a little bit different, Michele Pernetta our teacher for the session was responsible for bringing the Fierce Grace to the UK, so an introduction from the queen you could say. The class combines strength and flexibility for body and mind and uses 6 different classes that work together, it is also performed in a hot room!

Michele Pernetta - Fierce Grace

The first session was a talk and a Q/A session led by Michele about alignment, and I soon realised that over the years I had developed some bad habits in my rush to keep up with the rest of my class.

The class that followed was very enjoyable although I couldn't achieve all of the poses through lack of flexibility it was just the right pace. We had time to concentrate on our own alignment but the sweating was a whole new thing for me, and something I will need to get used too. I had to peel my t-shirt and leggings off after the class but I will say that I had a real sense of achievement at the end and was keen to try it again.

Fierce Grace workshop

After the class we were invited to try some delicious nibbles and teas provided by the cafe next door, although it was closed by the time our class was finished it had been beautifully laid out for us and I was intrigued by the vegan selection. It was at this point I vowed to go back and see what else was on offer during the day.

704 Christchurch Road,




01202 390090


I now have a membership for six weeks to see how I get on and Happy 6th Birthday on 2nd March Yoga Lounge.

The yoga Lounge links right through to Sukha Lounge owned by Juliet Oliver and Karen Merryweather the two venues compliment one another perfectly. It is a plant based cafe offering fresh raw and vegan food and drinks.

Juliet used to live in London where vegan cafes are very popular she tells me she "used to dream of owning her own one day". When she moved to the area she realised there was a gap in the market and right next to the Yoga Lounge would be the ideal spot.

It is a super chilled place where you can relax after a class, sit quietly and read a book or catch up with friends. Honestly, I have never been anywhere quite like it I sat there for a couple of hours all by myself.

Sukha - Moroccan Quinoa

The menu is adapted regularly but there is always a plentiful supply of colourful salads or delicious homemade vegan and gluten free cakes.

Not being a vegan I was intrigued by the menu, I opted for a stack of pancakes. They were gluten free buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter, berries, banana and topped with chia seeds and maple syrup, they went down a treat and kept me going all day.

Sukha Pancake stack

Sukha - Anti Depresso

This drink I chose to accompany my pancakes I chose because I thought the name was funny. It's called an Anti Depresso and apparently lifts your mood it contains Cacao, Maca expresso and Dates no idea if it works but it certainly tasted good.

After attending the Fierce Grace class and visiting Sukha Lounge I decided to get a membership so that I can do more yoga and work on getting fitter in 2018 I'm sure visits to Sukha will follow suit.

706 Christchurch Road





01202 380140

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