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Bigwig's Bakery

Just before Christmas a new bakery opened in what I affectionately call Tuckton High Street, near Christchurch, Dorset.

I'm holding Bigwig's Bakery responsible for at least some of my January lockdown weight increase, the remainder can be blamed on gin or just any alcohol if I'm completely honest.

As a big supporter of local retailers I was thrilled to be able to incorporate my daily exercise with a trip to this gorgeous shop, an opportunity to stock up on freshly baked bread, pies and pastries.

The area had been crying out for something like this to boost the local foodie offering, I'm hoping we might get a grocery store next!

Tom Bew and Dom Brown have transformed the premises since taking ownership including the most recent addition The hatch which is offering take out pizza on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Customers patiently queuing outside (to keep covid safe) can be seen drooling over the extensive selection creatively displayed in the window. My husband is incapable of coming out with just one item, especially if a fresh batch arrives on the shelves whilst he is in there.

Top tip though head there early otherwise your choice might be limited.

Opening hours have had to changed to cope with the increasing demand

Weekdays 9am-4pm Saturday 8am-4pm. Top tip though, head there early otherwise your choice might be limited.

If you havn't been I can thoroughly recommend them-our favourite is the brisket pie rammed to the brim with juicy meat sourced from Neals Butcher just up the road.

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