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New spin on Milford on Sea Launderette

The Wash House Logo

A complete new spin has taken place in this building where you can now find the Washhouse micro brewery. Duncan the new owner has transformed the launderette into a hip place to drink, its decor is unlike anything I've seen before with copper piping used as shelving and foot rests, radiators as notice boards and washing machine drums as lampshades giving it a distinct throwback to its former life.

The upholstery on the benches and chairs was completed by the very the very talented Chloe's Upholstery & Patchwork it definitely adds to the hipster vibe.

Drinks menu board
comfy bench seating

As a former estate agent Duncan tells me he had reached the stage where he wanted a new challenge, after some careful deliberation The Washhouse micro brewery was born.

It's quite a small space but it definitely has character, there won't be any loud music or pub grub meals here it's almost back to the traditional drinking spaces of times gone by when you went to a pub for a drink and a restaurant for a meal. The Washhouse has the facility to cater for take outs and also encourages drinkers to bring food to eat with their drink purchases. This seems like a really novel idea to me and hopefully will encourage a sense of community as local groups gather here. There are plans to hire the place out for private functions which will be great for small parties or the larger family functions that don't quite fit in your home

It's great to see that this new business is supporting other local small businesses for example Drop the Anchor the micro brewery from Christchurch is now supplying beer, Conker gin from Southbourne is on the shelves along with Dorset Sunshine Cider. Snacks include something new to try Kernal Cobs Saloon Snacks another local company based just round the corner in Lymington.

At the end of the first week of business things have gone really well, the timing couldn't have been better with the Arts and music festival over the weekend drawing thousands into the area. Lets hope the locals keep coming back and pass on the word of this new venue to visitors.

Take out drink carton

beer is the reason i get up every afternoon

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