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The Noble Bees Buzziness

As the title may suggest this post is about a local honey producer. Simon Noble

who lives in the New Forest was destined to be a bee keeper after helping his father look after his hives when he was a child.

The pivotal moment came when Simon found a bee colony, after contacting the New Forest Bee Keeping Association to help, he joined a six week course, the rest is history.

I read last week that there is now more honey being sold than all the honey bees in the world could possibly make-confused?

China has mass 'blending' factories making a product they call honey but in fact it is a mixture of sugar syrups and has no health benefits whatsoever, so spend a little more and look out for locally produced honey.

The Noble Bee launched officially in 2018, 70 hives now produce exceptional quality, delicious single origin New Forest Honey from specially located apiaries in wild areas. Each jar is labelled according to where the honey is sourced as they have very different flavours.

As the business has grown additional products can be bought via an online shop, alongside the range of honey you can purchase lip balm, candles and bee wax wraps ( if you don't know what these are its worth checking them out as its a great alternative to cling film).

If you are looking forward to trying something new when we get out of lockdown with the added bonus that it is outside, visit The Noble Bee website and book yourself onto one of Simon's Bee Keeping Days.

Simon can be contacted at

Furzedown Farm

Frost Lane




SO45 3NE

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