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New pizza venue in Wimborne

The newly opened Wood Fired Piadizza Co in Wimborne, is the brainchild of Dave Brown who up until the opening of this venue on Saturday, has been providing pizza for festival goers around the county from a mobile facility. The new restaurant is tucked away towards the end of Mill Street and will need some additional advertising particularly on the outside so that it is a little easier to find, until its reputation spreads.

The Wood Fired Piadizza Co. -Meaty pizza

Its safe to say the transformation of the restaurant to accommodate everything needed for pizza preperation and cooking has not been an easy process and when you see the size of the wood oven you can appreciate why. None the less, Dave was determined to open the doors to the public on Saturday and we popped along to test it out.

The Wood Fired Piadizza - Wimborne

As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by friendly staff who I later found out are related to Dave and keen to get involved in his new venture. A bar area is the first thing you notice nicely stocked with the usual selection of beers and wines etc.

We choose our own table towards the back of the restaurant but with a clear view of the kitchen action, a hatch enables customers to see their pizza being cooked, once in the oven it really takes next to no time.

The menu is based on 3 pizzas, Margarita, Veggie, and Meaty all can have extra toppings added at additional cost. They also offer gluten free bases and vegan cheese which was great to hear.

We ordered a Meaty and a Margarita with the addition of Dorset Blue Vinny cheese. Dave tells us he tries to source local ingredients wherever possible. My pizza was very tasty and plenty for me at lunch time. Perhaps two different sizes might work well, for those with bigger appetites.

We ordered garlic bread that actually was a good size and proved too much for us as it was the same size as the pizza.

The restaurant mainly serves pizza but has two other Italian style mains and a small selection of desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

If you are a Wimborne resident or visiting the area in the near future I recommend you pop in and say hi, they are a friendly bunch serving great pizza so lets spread the word, and support Dave with this new venture.

All opinions and photographs are my own.

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