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Biscuit queen in the New Forest

Talented biscuit maker Zusana brings a Slovakian tradition to the UK.

When Zusana Dzibelova came to the U.K. from Slovakia in 1999 she could speak very little English. Since that time she has worked as an au pair, in hospitality, met the love of her life and had two children.

Now living with her partner and two children in Hordle she decided to bring a little of Slovakia to the U.K. in the form of decorated biscuits, Forest Cake Craft was born.

They are beautiful, elaborately decorated Medovníky cookies made and given especially at Christmas time as they are full of warm spices. The process of making these biscuits is time consuming, once made the dough needs to sit overnight, cut and cooked the following day and then perfectly cooled before decorating. Each different colour used in the design needs to dry to prevent colour bleed in the final design.

Zusana tells me that in her native Slovakia these biscuits are common place around Christmas time, where we might have a tin of chocolates these are seen as their sweet treats.

The cookies can be hung as a tree decoration, I havn't put my Christmas tree up yet so this just gives you an idea of how pretty they look.

However, these cookies are so good they really shouldn’t be restricted to the festive season, think wedding favours, baby showers, birthdays in fact anything that deserves a little treat.

Most of Zusana’s work today is sold through her online Etsy store although she is keen to sell to local companies and deliver her biscuits personally.

If you want to see more of Zusana’s work head to her Etsy page https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ForestCakeCrafts?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count#items

or message her through her Instagram page Forest Cake Crafts

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