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The secret life of Micro Herbs

Bell herbs and edible flowers

Bell herbs in Fordingbridge grow micro herbs and edible flowers these plants are the new go to decoration for plating your dish with something delicate attractive and super tasty. I went to meet Stephen and Lyn Bellows the owners of Bell Herbs to find out what is involved with this somewhat secretive business. Operating from a barn in Godshill in the middle of The New Forest National Park the couple have spent the last year working on the process of finding the perfect growing conditions for these intense little plants. Next time I am dining out I will have a new appreciation for the work that goes into producing the herbs and flowers that make my dish look so pretty.

Balmer Lawn Pigeon and Bell herbs

Pigeon breast starter from Balmer Lawn Hotel using Bell Herbs.

Under light for 20 hours a day and kept at a constant temperature, watering a measured amount twice a day to ensure the best growing conditions all seems quite complicated to me. I was lucky enough to taste the micro herbs being grown and was struck by the intense flavour of these little plants amazing to think they are only a few weeks old. Bell Herbs has an extensive

produce list already but Stephen is keen to meet the demand of local restaurants and is happy to discuss requests for other herbs for the future.

Currently available

  • Micro Green Basil

  • Micro Bulls Blood

  • Micro Celery

  • Micro Coriander

  • Micro Dill

  • Micro Fennel

  • Micro Garlic Chives

  • Micro Lemon Balm

  • Micro Oriental Mix

  • Micro Purslane

  • Micro Rambo Radish

  • Micro Red Amaranth

  • Micro Red Stem Radish

  • Micro Red Vein Sorrel

  • Micro Rocket

  • Micro Sage

  • Micro Tatsoi

  • Micro Thyme

Standard herbs are available along with a selection of edible flowers. Bell Herbs are proud to be members of The New Forest Marque which is awarded to produce which has been grown, reared, caught, brewed, produced or processed with in the New Forest. Orders can be placed by calling 07710266839 where Lyn or Stephen will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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