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The Lush food connection

An unexpected post on a food bloggers website I hear you say, but let me explain. If you have read my post on my watercress journey then you will know that I have tried the Lush hair mask that contains watercress along with other foodie ingredients.

Lush hair mask

I loved the hair mask, it smelt incredible, so when the opportunity to go to the Bournemouth branch of Lush came up with the Bournemouth Bloggers I was keen to go and learn more. Honestly, its not a place I would normally go to, I tend to think of it as a place for the younger generation.

Our daughters in their twenties just love the crazy coloured bath bombs, so I went with an open mind. Regardless of anything else that took place during the evening it's impossible to deny the instagram worthiness of this shop. Sparkly stars on sticks, rainbow coloured beautifully shaped soaps, pyramids of deep purple and gold. I literally had to stop myself from taking photos.

I find the mix of smells a little overpowering but this shop is seriously fascinating too.

Lush hand makes its products daily, they are 100% vegetarian and all ingredients are ethically sourced. They are firmly against animal testing and do not use materials that contain animal derivatives and therefore would be unsuitable for vegetarians. Each handmade product bares a sticker with the date it was made, when it goes out of date, and the face of the actual person that made it .

The hair mask I talked about earlier was made by Nev - so thanks Nev, I appreciate your work.

Lush is working hard to reduce its impact on the environment too, many of their product don't have packaging (naked) and those that do, can be recycled, interestingly the little black pots are put in a granulator, melted down and made into new pots - how cool is that!

Lush face Masks

Let's talk face masks - can you see why it links to my food blog? This Cosmetic Warrior contains grapes, free range eggs, fresh garlic, and honey to name but a few kitchen staples all working together to cleanse and moisturise your skin.

Lush Cosmetic Warrior

This one is called Oatfix so no prizes for guessing whats in this one.


Don't look at me

Again, a mix of natural products that you might find in your kitchen cupboard, such as lemon juice, rice and a selection of butters and oils. I'm not sure how I feel about the blue colour, but I read that using a product that changes your colour can have a positive effect on your mood.

Lush - Don't look at me face mask

Brazened Honey containing lots of herbs for antiseptic qualities, fresh lime to cleanse and then eggs, honey and almond oil to soothe and moisturise

Lush - Brazened Honey face mask

The staff at Lush are brilliant at what they do, everyone I spoke to was very knowledgable about the products they sell and the company ethos in general. The evening was made up of fun activities showcasing the way products are made (bath bombs and facial scrubs) and encouraging us to try things we may not of tried before (massage bars).

Let me introduce this little chap, he was chosen for me as a gift by Emma, from the Bournemouth Bloggers after teaming up in an icebreaker. He/she is called Scrubee, all their products have such clever names, it looks like a bee and has ground coconut shell that acts as a scrub. Lol


It smells amazing and really leaves your skin moisturised, but a word of warning this bee isn't keen on getting hot! My first use was in a shower, I left him standing on the tap whilst I got wet, moments later when I turned round to get him I noticed his bottom had literally melted all over the taps.

So, now I keep him outside the shower until I need him or in a dish by the side of my bath.

Thank you Lush for inviting the Bournemouth Bloggers to your Bournemouth shop, I am a convert and will be back for another Scrubee and some bombs for my girls. Keep up the good work!

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