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Kind is a recently opened café in Boscombe, situated next to Yoga Lounge and in the same premises as the old Sukha.

I have been watching with interest the excited Instagram stories of a couple of young women due to open this café. That was eight weeks ago and today I went to see a little bit more of what they are about.

Kind is a vegan café and although I’m not vegan myself there wasn’t anything on the menu that I didn’t fancy eating. I am intrigued by the use of the alternatives used to create these dishes in order to make them suitable for vegans.

Four sisters and their mum work together carefully balancing other jobs, childcare and the usual life struggles to run this chilled out cafe. The vibe is definitely relaxed and the food is, as you would expect KIND. Raw and organic and honestly the most attractive looking food to photograph, in fact I recommend that you go and try some for yourself but in the meantime look at these pictures to see exactly what I mean.

These pancakes are absolutely amazing, if you would like to share the pancake love on Shrove Tuesday the cafe will be open and just serving pancakes. See you there!

Kind have recently started a cake making service where you can order a raw, organic cake for your own event. Check out their facebook page for more details. Kind Kitchen Bournemouth.

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