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Cooking with Chef Brazakool

Cooking with Chef Simon Brazakool is something new, when Covid 19 struck the UK and the countries chefs found themselves furloughed or out of work, Simon kept himself busy with cook along sessions on Instagram and then created his own YouTube channel.

Simon who is Senior Sous chef for FJB Hotels now offers cooking lessons over zoom calls,

book your lesson online and your list of ingredients will be emailed in plenty of time.

I recently took part in a class with Simon making two vegetarian courses that included a couple of my favourite seasonal products, asparagus and rhubarb. Keen to support local businesses both of these were sourced locally along with cheese produced by The Book & Bucket Cheese Co in Cranborne.

Obviously to take part you need to be able to access a zoom call to cook along but I can't imagine there are too many people left in the country that haven't done that this year.

Simon kept checking on our progress throughout the lesson and was happy to repeat bits that we were unclear about.

The flavour combinations worked very well, orange and rosemary on asparagus is really delicious, I had also never cooked halloumi before, its set to become a new favourite for meat free days.

My prep skills were a little on the slow side in comparison with Simon, but I guess that is to be expected, he has been a chef for 19 years after all.

The dessert was a rhubarb fool, it was an easy dish to create and tasted delicious, perhaps

we need to work a bit on our presentation skills but it didn't last long enough to worry about that.

I recommend watching (Chef Simon Braz) You Tube videos especially if you have an interested in Japanese food or if you fancy a bespoke cooking class yourself head to his website


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