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Following the Bloxs Butter Trail

Bloxs Butter an artisan butter being produced in the New Forest.

Way back in November last year whilst attending The Hampshire Food and Drinks Awards a local well renowned chef was talking about a artisan butter being produced in the New Forest. I had to find out more.

Wrapped Blox Butter

I met up with the owner of this new initiative Oliver a chef by trade who was looking to create an artisan butter something that needs precise timing and temperature control but can be managed from his home environment. The passion that he has for butter is evident not only in the way he talks about it, but the fact that has only just welcomed a baby girl into the family would seem like more than enough for a young family to cope with. Total respect!

The start of the process is in an outhouse with cold storage for several containers holding 25 litres of cream, 2.1litres will make approx 1.3 kilos of butter. The cream is supplied by a local dairy in true artisan style.

Bloxs butter, french bread and tomatoe and basil soup

My very own Bloxs butter, fresh tomato and basil soup and crunchy bread.

After several days in the chilling process the churning begins followed by the removal of buttermilk, then churning again and some of the buttermilk is returned to the mix and churned again. Dorset Sea Salt is added depending on the customers requirements and then hand shaped (great fun I might add) with two little wooden paddles.

As an artisan product (by nature more natural) the shelf life is not as long as shop bought butter, this is why Oliver is aiming to work with hotels that get through butter relatively quickly and know how much they require on a weekly basis. He also plans to experiment with the addition of other flavours to his butter, but all in good time.

Shortly after visiting his house I learnt that Oliver has secured his own work unit and is in the process of fitting it out to start producing butter there in the near future. A really exciting step for Bloxs butter and just goes to show how word gets round.

He is already working with some very prestigious clients in the area such as:

The Pig in Brockenhurst

The Montague Arms

36 On The Quay

Larder House

Tapas Terrvina

so you may have already sampled it without knowing!

Following the Blox butter trail I visited Restaurant Roots in Southbourne to experience not only their fantastic taster menu but to see how the butter Oliver produces is presented. Take a look at the video below.

I wish this young family well with their new venture and if you can think of a hotel near you that could benefit from this artisan butter then please contact Bloxs Butter on 07414222114 or visit the website

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