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Who makes Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian pies?

Coastal Forage Pies offer something a little different to my normal choice of pies, with the rise in food allergies and increasing vegetarian diets I can see them becoming very popular. All the pies are produced using gluten free pastry and are perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Jenny the business owner and pie maker started the company in 2019 because of the lack of choice for her family, she kindly delivered a couple to for me to try.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t like pies delivered to their doorstep?

Now, I'm not Vegetarian or Vegan but I do find if I eat a lot of food containing Gluten my stomach ends up bloating so I was keen to see how the pastry would taste.

It’s obvious plenty of time and effort has gone into not only the recipes for the pies but also the way they are beautifully packaged. Prepared in small batches the pies come ready cooked and can be eaten cold or reheated for 1 min in the microwave - perfect for lunches.

Jenny is passionate about using local producers and chooses seasonal vegetables in all her recipes, the pies were jam packed, no just covering the bottom for these pies, the gluten free pastry was new to me but it was delicious and a nice texture. I ate the Mexican Bean & Pepper pie for my lunch it was perfectly spiced without being overpowering and I definitely didn't miss not having meat in it. Keen to spread the word I gave the Mushroom, Cannellini & Courgette pie to vegetarian friend who raved about how much he enjoyed it and was keen to know all about the little business.

As word has spread Coastal Forage Pies can now be found in some of Dorset’s lovely independent farm shops and delis and they can also be purchased direct from Coastal Forage Pies. For more details check out the website or call Jenny direct.

Contact Jenny on

01202 747315 or 07597268493

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