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The Nut Butter Company is to feature on a brand new programme with Chef Tom Kerridge, a fantastic opportunity to showcase artisan products, be sure to watch 8pm on 17th April on BBC.

Dreams can come true

When I was young I adored Peanut Butter so much so that I think most of my junior school packed lunches consisted of bread slathered in it.

One day my dad told me he could buy a machine that could make peanut butter at home, I didn't believe him. Today I saw the process of making this unique product, there really is nothing like it, people seem to either love it or hate it just like Marmite, I definitely a lover!

I can't explain how excited I was to see this golden spread appear before my eyes and understand the process behind making it.

Linzi and Jason the couple behind The Butter Nut Company have only been selling their product since April their "lets see if we can do it" attitude soon became a winner with friends and family and now their business is running from their own kitchen and is thriving.

Naively I thought that peanuts grew on trees but it seems they aren't really nuts at all but come from the legumes family and grow underground in a similar way to potatoes.

When watching the process it does seem quite easy to produce but the couple tell me it took eight weeks to perfect the process to ensure the exact same taste and texture every time, the difference between this and the mass produced products on the market is simply no additives the only additional product is a touch of Cornish sea salt.

Four different products are now on the market as shown below and you can now buy online at www.thenutbuttercompany.co.uk and in the following shops:

Setley Ridge Farm Shop (Brockenhurst)

Hockeys Farm Shop (Fordingbridge)

Instead Village Shop (Minstead)

Bayleaves Larder (Chandlers Ford)

The New Forest Pantry (Ringwood)

If you are visiting the New Forest show next week 25-27July be sure to search out The Nut Butter Company and give their products a try.

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