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Ministry of Fudge go online

Christchurch fudge making couple.

If you are anything of a foodie like me, and I am guessing you are if you are reading my blog, you definitely will have come across Lorna and Ollie the smiling faces behind Ministry of Fudge. One of my favourite things about writing this blog is finding out about the people and the story behind the product

Ministry of Fudge

Back in April 2017 the couple in their early twenties came up with the idea of making their own fudge, I first met them in May 2017, at the ever popular Christchurch Food Festival only a month or so into their journey. Lorna came up with the name, as any Harry Potter fan might guess it is a mix of The Ministry of Magic and the Minister himself Cornelius Fudge. I just love that!

The branding makes them easily recognisable at any event, with the signature colour purple appearing on the gazebo, packaging, storage and bags. The new box containing 3 flavours is just so cute.

Ministry of Fudge gift Selection
Tablet the most popular fudge in the range

Having made the very brave decision to give up their jobs to concentrate on fudge full time I am pleased to say the gamble has paid off. The couple now have ten flavours in their fudge empire, the unique crumbly fudge is very popular here and abroad. So, in order to reach the growing demand the couple have recently invested in their website www.ministryoffudge.co.uk so Ministry of Fudge fans can buy from all around the world.

The fudge can be found locally in Pamphill Old Piggery, Gullivers Farm Shop in Ferndown and Vines Farm shop, and still the old market favourites such as The Metropole and Lymington. The couple are still keen to promote their product in local stores so if you think it would sell well in your store don't hesitate to give them a call.

I discussed packaging with Lorna and although their packaging is paper bags the shops currently sell in bags and boxes, she is keen to sell in some of the new stores that are opening with reusable packaging. What a great idea! I need a big tin full.

This couple don't just go through the motions when behind their stall ,they love to engage with their customers and talk about their fudge passion, through that some have become real friends and customers that come back time and time again.

Please do have a look at their website, I hear there maybe some Christmas flavours coming soon. Did I really mention that word?

First and last photo kindly supplied by Ollie and Lorna.

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