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Meringue-a-tang proposal

One of my favourite parts of this job is meeting the inspirational foodies behind our local products, Illy the young lady behind Meringue-a-tang was no exception.

Originally from Bulgaria she moved to London to study music at the University of Westminster. After meeting her partner at university she moved with him back to the New Forest where she continued to teach music. Whilst finding her feet in a new area Illy rediscovered her passion for cooking (originally inspired by her mother and grandmother back in Bulgaria) hence, Meringue-a-tang was born.

Iliyana Dimitrova - owner of Meringue-a-tang

The first time I came across Meringue-a-tang was at the Christchurch Food Festival in May 2017, in the new business section. I am pleased to say when we met recently, less than a year from starting up, the business is going well and keeping her very busy.

The meringues look so pretty it really is hard not to be drawn to them to take a closer look, delicate decorations such as edible gold leaf and crushed pistachios make them so tempting.

I was lucky enough to have some samples to try and they really do melt in the mouth, crispy on the outside and soft and mallowy in the middle.

Meringue roses dipped in chocolate, meringue kisses

There are now a large range of flavours available such as:

Rose and Pistachio





But, if you have a new idea Illy is more than happy to experiment she tells me the possibilities are almost endless.

I love the fact that the meringues featured above are called kisses, how romantic is that? Talking of romance take a look at the kiss below. Now that really is a irresistible way to propose, can you imagine finding that on your dessert plate?

Marry me - meringue

Meringue kisses and meringue lollies make perfect party gifts and wedding favours and can be tailored to suit your colour scheme, so if you know someone with a special day coming up check out


meringue favours

Look out for Meringue-a tang at

Castlepoint shopping park on 7th May, Christchurch Food Festival 12th\13th and Lymington Seafood Festival 11th\12th August 2018.

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