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Juliet Mellor the owner of JU-ICE-IT Poole and a hairdresser by trade had a lightbulb moment when attending a retreat in Portugal run by Juicy Oasis.

When she was on her way home from the airport she stopped at a shop and stocked up on fruit and veg and her juicing journey began.

Juliet had suffered from a long term illness that was affecting her life, but she told me that she felt so much better in herself with the new juicing regime that she has now come off the medication and manages her condition with the correct balance of juices. Encouraged by her own success and the growing list of her clients asking for specific juices her business has grown enough for her to have her own working kitchen just for juicing.

My own experience with these Ju-ice-it started after gaining weight during the Christmas holidays, followed by a two week holiday of overindulgence in South Africa, I needed to do something about my growing belly. When I contacted Juliet she suggested a 3 day juice cleanse.

There are 8 core flavours but these can be adapted to suit your own individual needs. The kit for the cleanse includes all eight with the addition of some ginger and lemon shots and a sos bar.

The first day of my cleanse went well the hardest bit was cooking tea for my husband and not having a cup of tea as it was quite cold, I did drink hot water with lemon and ginger which tastes lovely but not sure it will replace my regular cuppa though.

The second day was bound to be harder not to mention it was pancake day, very impressed that I cooked them and just stuck to my juice.

I tried to keep busy to avoid thinking about food, and can honestly say I wasn't hungry. I particularly enjoyed the smoothies they were a little sweeter the Purple Power juice tasted a little earthier the beetroot I guess. By the end of the second day I was struggling to drink all the juice, it just goes to prove that I generally don't

drink enough it was the quantity I couldn't take.

Day three the toxins left my body and I had a really muzzy head something I had been expecting but could possibly of avoided if I had drunk more water in between the juice/smoothie.

JU-ICE-IT - CJ Sunset

I did loose weight during this process but have put some back on, obviously I realise although it did me good to do the cleanse becoming more aware of what I'm putting into my body was a far more important lesson. Juicing needs to become a regular habit and not a just a one off.

For anyone that is interested in JU-ICE-IT - a local business that produces fresh, raw unpasteurised juices and delivers them straight to your door ,have a look at the website below.

www.ju-ice-it.co.uk contact number: 03303112985

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