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gingerNut -"for the intolerant person in your life."

GingerNut is the trading name for a specialist baker based in Southbourne, Dorset, after starting her career as a pastry chef she found that she was suffering from several food allergies. Determined to continue her passion for baking she researched and developed recipes until she had a complete range of goodies that are gluten, dairy & soya free.

On the 1st November 2016, GingerNut was born and now the range of products includes some that are vegan and refined sugar free too.

Having chatted to Steph (gingerNut) she struck me as a very driven young lady, she started her first business aged 21 and sold it at 25 and now she has very clear ideas of where she wants to go with the development of gingerNut.

Currently you will find gingerNut at local markets, such as Lymington every Saturday and Winchester twice a month, wholesale purchases are steadily increasing and eventually Steph would like to move to bigger premises.

Personally, I have found it difficult to eat dairy recently and have been cutting the vast majority out of my diet, so as a cake lover I was more than happy to sample some of Steph’s products.

The carrot cake pictured above was easily my favourite, I was really impressed by the tasty topping made with a vegan lemon buttercream but the lemon cake pictured right, came a very close second. The range of products on offer by this talented baker is now quite extensive so if you are a local retailer wanting to offer something to those with intolerances I am sure gingerNut will be able to help.

I was intrigued by the cacao mint bliss balls although not that attractive to look at I have heard that they really are the thing to have if you want a quick energy boost extremely popular with sporty types (I'm not one of these but it was really tasty!).

As the Christmas season approaches you will find gingerbread and mince pies added to list of products on the market stalls, Christmas loaves can be made to order.

Contact via email gingernutgoodies@gmail.com or Mobile 07507323641

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