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Food For Thought

Cookery school with a twist.

With the Autumn nights starting to draw in, I am beginning to think of things to keep me busy in the longer dark evenings.

If you are the same, then I have an idea for you. Food for Thought - Cookery School.

Louise Jones

A couple of weeks ago I went along for my first class not really knowing what to expect. It is not the usual cookery school, its informal but informative, classes are run by Louise Jones a qualified nutritionist, from the comfort of her own home right in the heart of Westbourne.

During my journey through the menopause I have found that some food don't agree with me and typically they are foods I love, dairy is something I am battling with I would be the girl that had a jacket potato with her butter, or a scone with her cream. Sadly, I can no longer do this so was intrigued to see how Louise offers alternatives in her cooking.

The courses are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free so, perfect to give me some ideas on changes to my diet without missing out on the good stuff. Courses offered include, Healthy Chocolate Making, Healthy Pudding Class, Decadent Chocolate Delights, Healthy Lunches and Energising Snacks. I opted for the later.

Raw granola bar mix

All the recipes are really easy to follow, pretty much add everything and mix! These pictures are the Rise and Shine Granola bar mix before and after cooking. The Cacao nibs and the puffed rice were both new to me but now I have supplies in my cupboard, ready for my next snack session. The quantity you make in the sessions is quite small but all the recipes can be easily converted to larger amounts.

I was really intrigued by the next snack, it involved these little edamame beans, on tasting we thought they were similar to fresh peas/broad beans. Anyway without giving away Louise's recipe we made them into a really fresh tasting dip for the healthy crackers we also made during the class.

Edamame Beans

I would recommend having a look at the Food For Thought website to see what courses are coming up in the next few weeks, they are great fun and ideal for small groups or if you want to go on your own.


Here is a few lines on how Louise started her business.

My own health has brought me on this journey, by overcoming anaemia through cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy for a period of time. Its amazing how the body can heal when it’s given the right tools. I have used my experience to create a brand where I can educate and inspire people through my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm and to show you it isn’t hard to create healthy, quick and tasty recipes.

I love showing people that you can eat sweet treats that actually nourish your body and see the joy on people’s faces when they try my healthy chocolate or learn in one of my healthy cooking classes. My Cookery School takes a very balanced approach, I believe life is for living and enjoying, not depriving yourself, so although my classes are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, they are also fun, informative and most of all blooming tasty!!

My motto is it’s got to taste naughty but be nourishing for the body! I have created my own pure chocolate that taste so decadent but are so good for you, it could even help you lose weight, give you energy and help build your immune system. You can learn how to make healthy chocolate in one of my classes, along with energising snacks, edible Christmas gifts, healthy puddings and healthy lunches to name a few.


Louise is also launching a monthly Pudding Club at Ginjams starting on Wednesday 10th October 7pm - 3 healthy puddings made for you to enjoy in a social and fun setting, whilst learning a bit about why each healthy spin on old favourites is good for you.

Visit www.fftcookeryschool.co.uk to find out more about upcoming cooking classes and pudding club.

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