• Rachael Pitman

Christchurch welcomes a new brewery

Neil and James the founders of Drop The Anchor really jumped in at the deep end holding their launch on the Thursday before Christchurch's busiest weekend of the year. Their stall at the Christchurch Food Festival was barely accessible as the queues of people tasted the new local brews.

Apparently almost 1,000 pints were poured during the weekend.

The new brews include two Pale Ales, IPA and a Porter all made in house at their premises within the Emporium in Christchurch. Brewing takes place Monday-Thursday and they are open to the public for supping Friday 12am-19.30pm or until you leave. Saturday opening hours are 12am-19.30 and 12am-16pm on Sundays.

Takeouts are available in 2 and 4 pint jerry cans and soon the new Steak and Porter pie will be joining the lineup.

It is definitely worth a visit and it lovely to see the passion these guys are putting into this new venture. The venue is quirky and unique to Christchurch and clearly there is plenty of support for this hazy, unfixed, lovingly handcrafted ale.

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