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Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat Indian Restaurant can be found in the foodie hotspot of Westbourne, Bournemouth. We were invited along to try the menu and chose a Tuesday night, it's only a small restaurant with a reputation for great food so, I recommend booking, especially if you are thinking of going at the weekend.

The menu is extensive and I'm not afraid to admit that I needed a little help choosing, all the food is all freshly cooked so the flavours can be adjusted to suit your taste. Be guided by the staff they will help you pair the right dishes and are keen to ensure you have the very best experience.

After snacking on some poppadoms and some lovely dips we chose our starters.

I wanted to try something different so I opted for the Aloo Tiki, a dish also suitable for vegans.

Aloo Tiki

Aloo Tiki is pan fried patties of mashed potatoes mixed with lentils and green peas topped with a dressing of yoghurt, tamarind, chickpeas & mint. Delicious and if I'm honest it is easily big enough for a couple to share.

Chicken Tikka

I always order chicken tikka when getting a takeaway or eating in an Indian restaurant, its one of my favourites dishes, when the dish arrived it was, as expected, generous chunks of beautifully marinated chicken. Which let me tell you, tasted just as good the next day.

Chicken Lollipops

My husband ordered chicken lollipops for a starter the first time I've seen them on a Indian menu more frequently served in a Chinese restaurant. Dilli Haat added their own blend of spices to create something quite different, delicious and a little bit cheeky.

Nargis Kebab

Intrigued by the menu description we ordered the Nargis Kebab and prepared for the Indian take on a scotch egg. It wasn't at all what we were expecting, think omelette filled with spicy lamb mince wrapped around a boiled egg and that pretty much summed it up. Its a large dish for a starter but that didn't stop Mr P from clearing his plate.

Desi Lamb chop Curry

Prepared with whole spices, onions, tomatoes, marinated barbecue lamb chops and yoghurt. Loaded with flavours, apparently it's a dish you would find served in the villages in Punjab, India. I wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

Tak a Tak

We ordered the Chicken Tak a Tak but there was an option of lamb or prawns. Fun fact the name of this dish comes from the sound of the two sharp blades that hit the griddle as the cut up the meat.

I can honestly say my experience at the Dilli Haat was the best I've had in an Indian restaurant , not only was the food outstanding the staff were friendly and attentive.

On the evening we visited I was impressed by the number of customers openly praising the food and service before they left, a real sign of a first class restaurant. I can't wait to go back with family, friends or just another date night.

p.s they deliver too.

33 Seamoor Road



BH14 9AE

01202 764865

Our meal was complimentary but all images and opinions are my own.

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