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Dancing Moose goes vegan


Last week I was lucky enough to have an invitation to attend the Dancing Moose Vegan takeover at Penn Hill, on behalf of Bournemouth Bloggers.

I am not a vegan but often go out with vegan friends who end up with a very limited choice at restaurants, although thankfully 2018 seems to have seen a bit of a turnaround, more restaurants are realising the importance of catering for this growing market. This was truly a brave move for The Dancing Moose as the norm is far from vegan in this trendy little restaurant/bar.

Dancing Moose chose not only to produce a vegan food menu, but the whole night was a vegan takeover.

On arrival we were given cooled cucumber water and some nibbles in the form of sweet potato ribbons, spicy chick peas with a romanesko sauce. I should of asked the chef how he gets those ribbons crunchy mine always turn out soggy!

Spicy Chick peas, Sweet Potato strips, Romanesco sauce

It was clear that a great deal of thought had gone into the menu, a new vegan cocktail range was also on offer (obviously I had to try them as well as photograph them). My personal favourite was the elixir of the immortals that really should be served every night not just on vegan takeover.

Yellow City

The evening consisted of four courses including a dessert, staff were chatty and clearly excited by the new venture and well rehearsed on what each dish consisted of. Some of the ingredients we had never tried before so that really added to the experience for us.

Bok choi, spring onion kimchi, confit mouli, roasted soy carrot

bok choi, spring onion kimchi, confit mouli, roasted soy carrots

sweetcorn succotash, tequila grilled tofu, citrus salsa, crispy avocado, cornbread crouton

Sweetcorn succotash, tequila grilled tofu, citrus salsa, crispy avocado, cornbread crouton.

Roasted Cauliflower tacos

Roasted middle eastern cauliflower, pomegranate, sumac yoghurt, mixed herbs, tahini, pine nuts and taco shells.

We did need some help when it came to how to eat the roasted cauliflower but it soon became clear and it didn't last long. I am glad no one was filming us eating though as my tacos weren’t the neatest. Perhaps slightly larger tacos would of been easier?

Dessert was something else! I have recently stopped eating dairy so desserts are somewhat limited, to have something so beautiful looking and delicious was a real treat.

Berry and coconut tart

Well done Dancing Moose, it's a great idea and one that we need to see more of please.

Dancing Moose event poster

Click on the poster to book for this months event.

Dancing Moose

5 Banks Road


BH13 7PW

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