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British Food Fortnight

A fortnight-long initiative started on 20th September to inspire public sector caterers to source more British food for schools and hospitals. As a huge supporter of locally produced food I urge my readers to check where their food comes from and to buy British wherever possible.

One of my favourite local producers - The Watercress Company

Communities across the country are coming together to celebrate British Food Fortnight, with campaigners urging the public sector to put more local food on plates.

Hundreds of schools and NHS Trusts are taking part in the initiative, with organisers Love British Food wanting to further demonstrate the advantages of providing local food.

The event is also being used to highlight the benefits of robust, short supply chains – particularly in the public sector that buys £2.6bn of food every year.

With uncertainty of supply as a result of the ongoing Ukraine war, organisers have been working to inspire the public sector to source directly from British farmers.

Strawberries grown at New Forest Fruit Company Ltd

Food festivals will be taking place during the two weeks, giving the public the opportunity to meet farmers and food producers.

Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food, the group which organises British Food Fortnight, said: “This year’s event is the culmination of months of hard work by catering teams across the country.

"We set out to inspire public sector caterers to put more quality British food on school and hospital menus and the hundreds of schools and many NHS Trusts taking part show how much has been achieved.

"With the government potentially introducing new buying standards that will require the public sector to ‘aspire to sourcing 50% of its food locally or to higher environmental production standards’ the activities taking place during British Food Fortnight are an important foundation to achieving this.”

Visit Crow Farm to purchase some of their Pork pies, it's also a great place to source other locally produced food and drink.

Defra Secretary Ranil Jayawardena welcomed the start of the initiative: "British Food Fortnight is a chance for us to all learn more about where our food comes from, and enjoy Britain’s best seasonal, locally-sourced products.

Book & Bucket Cheese Company a fantastic local cheese producer.

As reported in Farming UK.

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