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Berrington Brownies

Last week I was given the opportunity to taste Berrington Brownies, a newly formed company sending boxes of brownies through the post.

Who wouldn't want a brownie delivery through the post?

I certainly wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to sample a chocolatey parcel particularly in the middle of lockdown when things to look forward to have been somewhat limited.

Sam who runs Berrington Brownies is based near Ringwood, Hampshire, she only started the business just after the first lockdown of 2020, that alone should be applauded - but then there is the deliciousness of those brownies!! They arrive through your letterbox with a heady scent of chocolate, beautifully packaged and thankfully on the day they arrived my labradoodle wasn't the first one to open the post as I'm sure he would of eaten the lot.

There are 7 different boxes to choose from or if you fancy a different combination you can customise your own. Once on Sam's website it's not easy to make a decision but I was of the opinion that it should be a case of 'go big or go home' hence the full chocolate hit of the added Mars Bar, Snickers and Double Decker selection better known as the Chocolate Bar box.

They really are delicious with just the right amount of bite through the crust and then you hit the soft but not too gooey centre. Be warned if you choose the same box that I did you really need to be hard core to eat a whole brownie in one sitting, they are super rich.

Thankfully you don't have to eat them all at once, they keep for 10 days at room temperature or 2 weeks in the fridge, alternatively you can save some for a rainy day by popping them in the freezer. That's exactly what we have done with the rest of ours, imagine one of them warm with ice cream when you think you have nothing sweet to eat and then, you remember!

Send a parcel to a friend or family member that maybe you can't see in person at the moment - I promise it will make their day. Thanks Sam it certainly made ours.

I was gifted these brownies but all photographs and opinions are my own.

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