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Alfresco dining at The Kitchen at Chewton Glen

Last week I went for lunch at The Kitchen at The Chewton Glen they have installed a stretch tent with heaters and offer embroidered blankets to keep your legs warm during the last stages of lockdown before we can eat inside, once again.

Alfresco dining has been a challenge for hospitality since reopening on 12th April and not without additional costs for venues who are struggling to keep customers warm during this chilly month.

Our food was the usual high quality but unfortunately the weather meant our food got cold very quickly, and having an elderly relative with us meant it wasn't the leisurely lunch we would normally of enjoyed at one of our favourite restaurants.

Still, that is the effect Covid has had on eating out in April/May in England - lets talk about the food. Starters consisted of 2 Thai crab risottos and a halloumi salad. I am a recent convert to Halloumi after a cookery class with Chef Simon Brazakool, I felt confident I would enjoy this starter without filling me up too much for my main course. The confit Roscoff onion and chilli jam totally made this dish with Briddlesford Farm Halloumi and locally sourced watercress, I couldn't of been happier.

The Thai crab risotto is a James Martin classic, indulgent and filling and something I plan to have a go at myself as the recipe was available online (I've shared it on my chefs recipe page).

Briddlesford Halloumi.

Thai Crab Risotto

The lobster dish was as delicious as it looks served with Koffman's chips, crispy leek and spinach salad.

My husband had this monster Trenchmore Wagyubeef burger, served with the Koffman chips Monterey Jack cheese and crispy onion rings and house slaw. It looked and apparently tasted amazing as you would expect rich, juicy and tender.

Dessert went 3 ways because we all fancied the white chocolate and whiskey bread and butter pudding but couldn't manage one to ourselves the perfect end to our lunch.

We went home for coffee as the temperature had dropped but we were all impressed with the food and the service The Kitchen provided.

Not long now and we can eat inside, if you haven't been to The Kitchen yet, make sure you try it this summer.

The Kitchen

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

Christchurch Road

New Milton

BH25 6QS

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