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Alex Aitken Lunch Demonstration

the jetty

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So today I am so excited as we get the opportunity to see one of the South's most respected chefs Alex Aitken cooking, he only does this demonstration once a month at The Jetty a multi award winning restaurant.

The restaurant is in the grounds of the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and is perched right on the waters edge giving spectacular views of the harbour. Mudeford Quay just a stones throw away is where fresh fish is caught daily to be included on the menu according to the days haul.

Alex gave us a warm welcome and introduced the dishes he had chosen for todays demonstration. The amuse bouche was popcorn with truffle oil which was a little amusing to watch as it really didn't want to stop popping! I have to admire any chef that puts himself in front of an audience with very limited facilities and not his usual paraphernalia. It was informative and fun to listen to having the ingredient list and recipe details it was easy to follow. This is food and drink festival season in the area and most weekends our local chefs and producers are out promoting all things Dorset/Hampshire. Alex himself will be at Lymington seafood festival on 12/13 August in the demonstration kitchen its the first of its kind in Lymington but promises to be well worth a visit.

The starter was a real piece of theatre Mudeford Crab 'Gazpacho' it consisted of the freshest crab with avocado, cucumber and dots of pepper puree and as Alex suggested the taste changed as you continued to eat it which was fascinating.

The main was Chicken with Panzanella salad I felt it was a little less impressive, although it was a menu that we could all recreate at home I felt mine suffered a little because of the lack of cheese filling (I'm dairy intolerant) it would of been nice to have some sun dried tomatoes or basil to give it a little extra flavour.

Dessert was beautifully presented seasonal warm peach and cherry salad topped with a pistachio praline that I will definitely be making accompanied with pistachio milkshake which my partner

assures me was lovely.

Alex Aitken Chef demonstration lunch

These monthly events are excellent value for money at £27.50 for 3 courses a glass of wine. Judging by the conversation with the audience I guessed it was a regular event for some of the guests so book well in advance. We were very lucky to have been given the opportunity by way of vouchers from our children so maybe thats a gift worth considering on your next birthday.

the jetty

95 Mudeford



BH23 3NT

01202 400950


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