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A little bit of Venice in Christchurch

Baccello Wine and Cicchetti opened at the end of September on Christchurch High Street and is proving a hit with the locals looking for something a little different. Owner Yuanyi Li a local resident was thrilled to finally open the doors after months of preparation.

Principally a wine bar, Baccello Wine & Cicchetti boasts an impressive collection exceeding 70 bottles of authentic wines sourced from across Italy, many are available by the glass & plans to rotate the 'by the glass' option means you get to try a huge variety.

The Venetians would never drink without something to eat, they typically serve cicchetti

(derived from the Latin "circus," meaning little or nothing). The term embraces a broad range of small plates which is exactly the type of thing you will find on the Barcello menu.

I haven't had the chance to eat and drink in there yet but popped in to say hi and snap these photos. Definitely a nice thing to have on my to do list, I will report back with my verdict, but in the meantime I wish the Baccello team well on their new venture.


72 High Street


BH23 1BN


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