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So today I am so excited as we get the opportunity to see  one of the South's most respected chefs Alex Aitken cooking, he only does this demonstration once a month at The Jetty a multi award winning restaurant.


A complete new spin has taken place in this building where you can now find the Washhouse micro brewery. Duncan the new owner has transformed the launderette into a hip place to drink, its decor is unlike anything I've seen before with copper piping used as shelving an...

A new wine and gin bar opened in Westbourne on Thursday and I thought it would be rude not to check it out. The launch night had been advertised in several sittings to accommodate the interest in this new hip place.

It was easy to spot with the bright coloured...

Rick Stein - Sandbanks

Rick Stein OBE the celebrity chef owns this restaurant in Sandbanks and I have wanted to visit it since it opened in late 2015 but it warranted a special occasion, as luck would have it there has been two in the last 6 weeks.


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