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Rachael Pitman
Rachael Pitman

Having spent twenty years in a teaching career I am now taking things a little easier.

So why a food blog?

I have recently moved to Christchurch just inside the border of Dorset and during my quest to find the best places to eat and drink  in a new area I thought, why not write about it? I also love taking pictures so what could be better?

I am gradually learning that not only is this a beautiful place to live we really do have lots to celebrate with our local food and drink suppliers, I am passionate about supporting these local businesses. When choosing a name for my blog the15milefoodie seemed to fit the bill as I mostly eat within this area and support businesses that buy locally too. 

I have decided to investigate food a little more, on a personal level and as a menopausal woman lots of things are changing for me and I am convinced diet, exercise and alternative therapies can play its part in alleviating some of the symptoms. So in the coming few months expect to see some new additions to blog. Who knows where it will lead.

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